Paper is so ingrained in our lives that often, it doesn't cross our minds what happens to it when it is discarded. Thousands of tons of good quality recyclable paper go into landfills, causing a rise in greenhouse gases as the paper degrades with other waste, or incinerated, causing a massive amount of air pollution.

Chandaria Industries is at the forefront of championing the REUSE, REDUCE, RECYCLE policy, by ensuring that our products are made with recycled paper waste, having saved over 22 million trees over the last 31 years.  Our paper recycling operations provide employment to over 20,000 Kenyans.

We have the capacity to recycle up to 4,000 tons of paper waste per month into new tissue & paper raw material. Generally, 100 tons of paper waste produces 60 tons of recycled tissue.

Chandaria Industries has and continues to proactively organise and initiate participation in various tree planting and recycling activities. Some of our latest highlight events are:

  • Environment Day 2016 – Chandaria Industries partnered with the Nairobi County and NEMA in a tree planting activity at Uhuru Park. Chandaria Industries led a major clean-up exercise of the Westlands area of Nairobi with local county representatives and Westlands Primary School.
  • Earth Day 2016 – Chandaria Industries organised a major tree planting event at Premier Academy on 22nd  April 2016 to celebrate Earth Day. We partnered with Coca-Cola, AAR Healthcare, Premier Academy, Miss Earth Foundation and Kids & Tiaras to plant a large number of trees at the school.
  • Environment Day 2015 – Chandaria Industries took a leading role in sponsoring the national event held in Narok organised by the Narok County Government and NEMA. Chandaria Team participated in a clean-up exercise of Narok town and planted hundreds of trees at Maasai Girls High School.
  • Environment Day 2015 – Chandaria Industries led a tree planting exercise at MM Chandaria Primary School in Baba Dogo a school that is fully supported by the Chandaria family. Tuskys Supermarket and the Nairobi County also partnered with Chandaria Industries to carry out the activities. Tuskys were led by their CEO Daniel Githua and the Nairobi County was led by Honourable Maxwell Ochieng Ochar, Area County Representative.